Skill & Entrepreneurship Training

The Skill and Entrepreneurship Training (SET) helps to build Knowledge, attitude, aptitude and skills of the participants around business idea generation, feasibility, planning, business costing, pricing and assessing of BEP, market negotiation (working with market).

The Women Enterprise Groups (WEG), producer institutions provide a platform for business counseling through field based trainings, also called as Grassroot Management Trainings (GMT). The training need analysis (TNA) is done to analyse the knowledge, attitude, aptitude, and skill needs of the producers, BDSPs, entrepreneurs and producer institutions. Findings of TNA are used for designing and implementing appropriate GMT modules.

Udyogini has developed the training modules covering both skill development and entrepreneurship and partnered with Intel for digitising the entrepreneurship training curriculum which is now called Intel-Udyogini School of Entrepreneurship (I-USE).

Outcomes of S&E training 

  1. The productivity, quality of the enterprise is achieved
  2. Entrepreneurship orientation helps to achieve the BEP of the enterprise

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