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Udyogini, that aptly means woman in enterprise, has been working in the field of women entrepreneurship and enterprise promotion since 1992. Till date (Since 1992), Udyogini has built knowledge & skills of teams of about 200 Non-profits to help more than 2,00,000 rural women in various parts of India to engage in micro-enterprises. Udyogini has directly impacted 25,000 producers and their families in differentiated value chains (Sal leaves, Lac, honey, Mahua, Tulsi, Tomato, Mustard, Pulses, Incense Sticks, Dairy, Spices, Goat rearing, Imitation Jewellery and Poultry) that show potential for scale in difficult market conditions.

Helped 200,000 Rural Women since 1992 Trained 200+ Non Profit Organisations 35,776 Women Procedures directly Impacted

We aim to reach 100,000 Rural Women by 2020

Udyogini strives for developing models for inclusion of poor women works in remote regions. Its vision is for a society where women are self-reliant and in control over their lives.

Udyogini has successfully implemented a model (for women-focused value chains) that it has indigenously developed. However the process to scale up and replicate is on-going and offers a strategic opportunity for corporate, small companies and entrepreneurs to partner with us in this endeavor as buyers, investors and technical assistance providers.

Where the situation is grim but motivation is strong, we can find a way. Get in touch with us today at

Value to the Client

Udyogini is registered under societies registration Act XXI of 1860. It is also a recipient of FCRA Certification, 80G & 35 AC. Udyogini has received approval under 35AC of the IT Act on 26 May 2015 from the National Committee for Promotion of Social and Economic Welfare, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, GoI vide Notification No S.O. 1411(E) dated 25 May 2015 for period of three years. This approval provides an opportunity to donors to get 100% tax exemption on donations made to Udyogini.