Institution Building

Udyogini supports grassroots stakeholders to build community institutions comprising entirely of women from the community and managed by them. The institution building exercise comprises of assessment of various institutional options through internal workshops and discussions and finalization of the preferred option. Some of the institutions supported by Udyogini comprise of Women enterprise groups, producer institutions and supported by business development service providers.

Women enterprise groups are aggregated around a single product example lac or have multiple products. The membership of the enterprise groups comprises of 10-20 members. They are also engaged in regular saving and may follow SHG norms so as to access investment from SHG, bank or government schemes.

Producer institutions evolve from Enterprise Groups and sensitized to federate into a producer institution. Trainings are provided to the shareholders and board of directors to govern the institution and hire and manage professional team for delivery of Business Development Services (BDS) for growth and expansion of micro-enterprises. The producer institutions are registered under respective state cooperative acts or as producer company (as in Udaipur, Rajasthan).

Business Development Service Providers are community-based service providers developed by Udyogini to provide BDS to producer women on a more effective and sustainable way. The BDSPs are selected and trained on functional roles such as Mobilization of community and formation of groups, Conducting group meetings and Grassroots Management Trainings, Managing aggregation and value addition of NTFPs and agricultural produce and sale of retail services and products.