Business Counseling

Udyogini provides business counselling services to its internal and external stakeholders to identify, promote, upscale and monitor the enterprises

Business counselling and Handholding in our project areas is provided as part of the project interventions and comprises of critical enterprise stage analysis, barriers, gaps and opportunities which helps in diagnosing and achieving the breakeven point and to grow, scale up and diversify the enterprises.

Business counselling is also provided by Udyogini to agencies who wish to receive its services for business idea generation, understanding the demand for enterprise feasibility of value chains and micro enterprises, analysis of business plans of enterprises, market analysis for specific commodities. e.g. in NTFP, Agriculture products, livestock poultry, sanitary napkins etc.

Udyogini has recently provided business counselling to agencies like World Vision of India, community institutions established by Himmothan and others.